Versol Tracker Participated Intersolar North America Exhibiton

source:release time:2016-07-12

July 12th -14, California's largest solar professional exhibition Intersolar North America exhibition held as scheduled in San Francisco Moss Kang Exhibition Center, the exhibition is the nation's first annual solar event, the tracker manufacturers have shown their new year's tracking system.

As Asia's leading manufacturer tracking system, the latest tracker Versolsolar design also in this exhibition sparkling debut, scene attracted many visitors attention and praise, as well as the only tracker automatic operation has become a major highlight of the show! The latest generation tracking system, based on the previous generations, and the integration of the low friction, low power consumption, high protection plug and play, and other new features.

The exhibition, the Versol tracker can be received so much attention is not accidental, long since, Versol has been eyeing the United States market tracker, tracking system is a new generation of solar PV system, which uses a set of mechanical structure and electrical control system for photovoltaic components continue to face the sun light, so as to maximize power the amount of power, while the United States is the largest tracker industry demand, professional capacity of the strongest market, so, this also means that all the requirements of the United States is the highest customer tracker. And Versolsolar for the current Asian tracker market is the only access to the North American tracker for the certification of Chinese manufacturers.

Since the beginning of 2013, a number of European companies have established the tracker to enter the American market, at the same time, Hangzhou Versolsolar as the most professional Asian tracker manufacturer, also began to develop a special market for the United States tracking system design, 3 years after the upgrade, we design, testing and certification of project practice, with its solid the strength of Versol technology, high-end product quality, professional service field, deeply touched us customers, then firmly rooted in the vast continent of North america.

With the US photovoltaic market shares of photovoltaic boom, the future Versol tracker will also brush pen for the development of photovoltaic tracker added a brilliant page!